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What should be paid attention in deep hole drilling
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When doing the deep hole drilling, it is need to pay attention to many aspects, such as operation, use both cutting and deep hole drilling, etc., and some of the detail of the problem, if you don't focus on the problem, may affect the effect of the deep hole processing, today will give you the concrete introduce what must pay attention to the deep hole processing.

1. in the deep hole processing, in terms of operation, it is necessary to understand the essentials of operation, such as the support of the tool rod sleeve, tool guide sleeve, spindle and supporting sleeve of the workpiece center line coaxiality, is to meet the requirements of the provisions. For the cutting fluid system, it is also guaranteed to be normal and smooth. Above the machining end face of the workpiece, there should be no central hole, and it is also necessary to prevent the operation of drilling with a deep hole drill on the inclined surface.

2. in the deep hole processing, the shape of the cutting should also be kept normal, can not produce a straight strip of chip. To use a higher speed to process through the hole, when the drill bit is about to drill through, to stop or reduce the speed, in order to prevent the deep hole drill bit to damage.

3. in the process of deep hole machining, there will be a lot of cutting heat, and these heat is not easy to spread, so it is necessary to provide enough cutting fluid for lubrication and cooling of the tool. When selecting a cutting fluid, the choice is usually one to one hundred emulsions or extreme pressure emulsions.

4. Extreme pressure emulsion or high concentration extreme pressure emulsion can be selected if high processing precision, surface quality or toughness materials are required. For the kinematic viscosity of the cutting oil, 10-20 cm square per second is generally used, and the flow rate of the cutting fluid is 5-18 m/s.

At the time of deep hole processing, we must understand the above content, and if the diameter of the processing is relatively small, you can use a relatively low viscosity cutting oil; If the accuracy of the requirements are relatively high, you can choose a certain ratio of extreme pressure vulcanized oil. In addition, there is a need for deep hole drilling friends, you can consult the site staff.

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