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Deep hole drilling machine tool production mold has several stages
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The production process of deep hole drilling machine is divided into 6 stages.

(1) Mold scheme planning

The structure, dimension precision, surface quality requirement and forming process of product parts are analyzed.

(2) Die structure technical design

Design the molding structure of the forming part, system structure (including positioning, guidance, unloading, temperature control) and relevant parameter setting, etc.

(3) Preparation for production

Forming materials, modules and other blank processing, standard zero, parts purchase: according to the modeling design, the preparation of CNC processing program; Preparation of tools, tooling, etc.

(4) Mold non-standard parts processing

According to the processing procedure, numerical control equipment is used for forming, edM and hole processing. Or use traditional machinery and equipment for processing, including the corresponding heat treatment process for deep hole drilling processing.

(5) Assembly and die test

Check the dimensional accuracy of standard parts and formed parts according to mold design requirements. According to the requirements of geometric accuracy and surface roughness, assembly and die test shall be carried out according to the assembly process procedures.

(6) Acceptance and mould testing

According to all kinds of molds acceptance technical standards and contract provisions, the mold test work pieces (punching parts, plastic parts, etc.) and mold performance, working parameters and so on to check, after qualified acceptance.

By the production process, the mould standard parts, components, general standard parts (such as screw, pin), as well as the standard of water cooling, heating system, general components, is in other factory or purchase from the market, mold factory is according to the die set "project requirements, with the processing of forming parts assembly into the mold factory products, etc. This production process can be defined as a mold production process.

From this definition, it can be seen that for the medium and small molds with the largest usage, the standard parts and components account for a large proportion.

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