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BTA Introduction

BTA deep hole drilling/boring machine is the special equipment for drilling deep cylindrical hole. With rectangle guideway after hardening for heavy load and with guiding. The machine can do solid drilling, trepanning, counterboring, roller-burnishing, to work out through hole, step-hole and blind hole.

BTA deep hole boring machine is widely used in machine building, locomotive, hydraulic cylinder, oil & gas machinery, power generator industry, firearm industry, ship building, mining machinery, aerospace industry, etc.

HTT BTA high rigidity and high accuracy and high efficiency.

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BTA Technology

Ⅰ. BTA Deep Hole Drilling Technology

1.workpiece rotates, tool rotates and feed

2.workpiece rotates, tool feed

3.workpiece stationary, tool rotates and feed

Which kind of technology we use depends on the feature of workpiece and the demand of technology.

1.BTA  2.forward chip removal (adapted to manufacture of hollow material)   3.trepanning

Ⅱ. Accuracy and Efficiency

Deep hole boring machining accuracy and efficiency

◆Machining accuracy:
Drillingdiameter accuracy IT9-10
Surface roughnessRa6.3-12.5
Nestingdiameter accuracy IT9-10Surface roughnessRa6.3-12.5
Rough boringdiameter accuracy IT9-10Surface roughnessRa3.2-6.3
The fine boringdiameter accuracy IT8-9Surface roughnessRa1.6-3.2
Rollingdiameter accuracy IT8-9Surface roughnessRa0.2-0.4
Processing hole straightness<0.15/1000mmProcessing hole skew<0.5/1000mm
◆Machining processing efficiency:
Cutting speed: according to the tool structure, material and workpiece material general 20-120m/min
Feed rate: determined according to the processing conditions general 10-400mm/min

Drilling capacity (mm)Ф16-Ф50Ф20-Ф80Ф40-Ф80Ф40-Ф80Ф40-Ф120
Boring capacity (mm)Ф20-Ф50Ф25-Ф100Ф40-Ф200Ф40-Ф350Ф40-Ф500
Distance from linearguide to spindle center (mm)250400400500680
Feed speed (mm/min)0-5000-5000-5000-5000-500
Rapid feed speed (m/min)52222
Max. spindle speed (rpm)


Spindle power (kW)1511303037
Max. workpiece spindle speed (rpm)5060-1000 (Grade 12)60-1000 (Grade 12)42-670 (Grade 12)3.15-315 (Grade 21)
Workpiece spindle power (kW)330303037
Workpiece outside diameter (mm)50-20050-20050-20050-40050-630
Max. coolant flow (L/min)2502504006001000
Max. coolant pressure (bar)5050505050



BTA deep hole drilling and boring machine application: petroleum industry, extrusion screw industry, hydraulic steel tube industry, military industry, aerospace industry.

Drilling range: φ16-150mm

Max. drilling depth: 10,000mm

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